Wills and Trusts Lawyer

Estate planning documents that meet your goals

The first document most people think of in estate planning is a will — a last will and testament — that makes a person’s wishes clear to the heirs. A will is a good start, but it is only one of many tools to transfer your assets. If your goal is to avoid the time and cost of probate, to avoid unnecessary taxes, to ensure special needs are met, and to ensure medical, financial and living decisions are made according to your wishes if you are no longer able to make those decisions, other documents are needed.

Talk to your lawyer about your goals and objectives. Make sure you understand all of your options and which ones will work best in your particular circumstances. At Lommen Abdo, your estate planning attorney will listen carefully and work closely with you and your family and advisors to meet your goals.

  • Wills: A last will and testament provides a way to transfer assets that will go through the probate process. A will can also deal with issues such as guardianship of minor children. Without a will in place, the state will make the decisions for you.
  • Trusts: Putting assets in trust can enable the trust and its assets to pass directly to heirs without the publicity and cost of probate. There are many types of trusts — special needs trusts, charitable trusts, revocable trusts and others that meet specific goals.
  • Health care directives: A health care directive can ensure your family and your physicians know how you want medical decisions to be made if you are unable to make your own. This gives you peace of mind, and it takes an extraordinary burden from your family at a time of stress.
  • Powers of attorney: Who should make financial decisions for you if you cannot? If there is no clear directive, the incapacity planning decision will be made by a court. A power of attorney can direct who should make financial, medical and living decisions for you.

Plan now before you can no longer plan. Talk to an estate planning lawyer.

None of us knows with certainty when — or if — we will need incapacity planning. We do not know when we will need an estate plan. At Lommen Abdo, we do know the peace of mind that an estate plan can bring to clients and to their families and other heirs.

Having the right documents in place to deal with any contingency is especially critical for those in second marriages, those who are widowed, those with a special needs spouse or child, those in non–traditional relationships, those with business succession responsibilities, or those with minor children.

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