Trust and Estate Litigation Attorney

Seeking the best result for everyone involved

If there are disagreements about a will or trust, what are the options? At the Lommen Abdo Law Firm, we advise and advocate for trustees, trust beneficiaries, personal representatives, heirs — anyone concerned with a dispute.

We take a practical approach to will and trust disputes, weighing the expense, time and stress involved with full–scale litigation against finding the best result for everyone involved. When litigation is necessary, we have the skills and resources to take the dispute to court.

  • Your attorney will review the dispute and explain the law and your options.
  • We weigh expense versus the potential outcome of litigation.
  • In an effort to reach a solution that satisfies all parties, we take a collaborative approach. Collaboration, when the parties can agree, ultimately results in a better outcome.
  • When an agreement cannot be reached, we work with our trial lawyers to bring an effective case to court.

By working with Lommen Abdo in a will or trust dispute, you will have the benefit of working with an experienced estate planning attorney as well as experienced trial lawyers. We combine our skills and knowledge to work for the optimal result.

Know your options for resolving a will contest or trust dispute.

At Lommen Abdo, we will give you a straightforward assessment about your dispute. You can be sure we will resolve the case with as little time and expense as possible under the circumstances.

Call 612.255.6935 or send an email for an appointment to discuss will or trust litigation. We represent clients throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities region and the St. Croix River Valley including Roseville, White Bear Lake, Stillwater, Brooklyn Park, Oakdale, Eden Prairie, Golden Valley, Hudson, River Falls, Eagan and New Richmond.