Is a Revocable Trust Right for You?

Many clients come to the estate planning process having heard about revocable trusts, and have questions about whether a trust is right for them.  This article explains how a trust helps to avoid probate, and may help you decide if a trust is right for you. Probate and Non-Probate Property When a person dies, their […]

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The Federal Estate Tax – What to Expect With a Biden Presidency

A frequent concern for estate planning clients is how to avoid owing estate taxes at their death. Because the estate tax has become a political issue, some of these clients are also concerned about how the election results might impact the estate tax. The following is a basic explanation of the federal estate tax and […]

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Estate Planning is for Everyone

Three generations of a family holding hands and walking through a park with their dog.

For most people, the term “estate” conjures visions of stately mansions, fountains, private jets, and other luxuries associated with the superrich. However, if you own anything when you die, you have an estate. Your estate includes personal property, real estate, bank accounts, retirement accounts, life insurance, and business interests. Putting a basic estate plan in place […]

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How did these three get to be shareholders in 2019?

Lommen Abdo's New Shareholders in 2019: Jesse Beier, Lauren Nuffort and Cameron Kelly

They focused on client successes (not their own). They helped our clients accomplish goals. And, in the end, they gave our clients peace of mind. While Lauren Nuffort, Cameron Kelly and Jesse Beier may have different practices, they share a philosophy of the “client comes first” and thrive on solving legal challenges. Lommen Abdo is […]

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What Are the Estate and Gift Tax Limits for 2019?

Checklist on table listing estate planning items

Federal Estate and Gift Tax Exemption: Last week, the IRS announced the official estate and gift tax limits for 2019. The federal estate/gift tax exemptions for an individual increases to $11.4 million, up from $11.18 million in 2018. This means an individual can gift or leave up to $11.4 million dollars to heirs and pay […]

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Cameron Kelly and Jesse Beier Approved by CFP Board to offer Continuing Education Credits

Our estate planning clients own many different types of property: their home, cabin, personal property, savings, small businesses, and investment assets. They may use a Realtor to purchase real estate, or a personal banker for a loan.  However, the role of those professionals is limited, often to a single transaction. Financial advisors are in the […]

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Thoughtful Estate Planning for Children with Substance Abuse Problems

Do you have a child who is addicted to drugs or alcohol? Do you struggle with the thought of what will happen to your child after you pass away? The last thing you want to do is to provide your drug addicted child with a blank check inheritance. This could lead to disastrous results, including […]

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Estate Planning in a Digital World

In an increasingly digital age, more and more of our most valuable assets are taking on digital forms. While most people are familiar with basic wills and trusts as management tools for bequests of tangible personal property, our digital assets are often overlooked in the context estate planning. Digital assets can account for a significant […]

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So You Want Your Child to Have the Family Home…

It seems to be a common theme. Adult child lives with parent.  Maybe this is for financial reasons, or perhaps the child is acting as caretaker.  Parent wants child to have the home at the time of the parent’s death.  If the proper planning isn’t done, however, it’s very unlikely that the transition of the […]

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Yours…Mine…and Ours – Tips on Successful Estate Planning with Blended Families

If you’re remarried, you may face some interesting planning considerations when it comes to completing your estate plan. The planning for blended families can be quite different from the planning you did in your first marriage as there is now yours, mine and ours. The key to successful planning is open communication and a full […]

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