Spring: Let’s Plant & Cultivate Our Legacy

I’ve never been accused of being a green thumb, but it seems to me that planting a flower garden involves certain steps that are analogous to charitable planning. First, you gather the best soil. After that you should probably scout out the right location, decide on your flowers and then finally pick the right time for planting…usually in the spring!

The same approach can be applied to charitable planning.

  • Soil: What kind of legacy do you hope to leave? This is the soil for your charitable flowerbed.
  • Location: This is how you achieve your goals, by determining the proper charitable vehicle.
  • Flowers: These are the various benefits you hope to achieve from your charitable gift.
  • Timing: When should your gift materialize? During life or after your death?

Check out this chart to assist you in cultivating your perfect charitable garden. Happy planting!