How did these three get to be shareholders in 2019?

Lommen Abdo's New Shareholders in 2019: Jesse Beier, Lauren Nuffort and Cameron Kelly

They focused on client successes (not their own). They helped our clients accomplish goals. And, in the end, they gave our clients peace of mind. While Lauren Nuffort, Cameron Kelly and Jesse Beier may have different practices, they share a philosophy of the “client comes first” and thrive on solving legal challenges. Lommen Abdo is […]

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So You Want Your Child to Have the Family Home…

It seems to be a common theme. Adult child lives with parent.  Maybe this is for financial reasons, or perhaps the child is acting as caretaker.  Parent wants child to have the home at the time of the parent’s death.  If the proper planning isn’t done, however, it’s very unlikely that the transition of the […]

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The Dangers of Estate Planning by Deed

Estate planning can be a complex process. When you take shortcuts, problems arise, especially when real estate is involved. A key estate planning objective for many individuals is to avoid the need for a probate administration of their estate – particularly real estate such as their home — after their death. Why? Because probate costs […]

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